Getting Around Disneyland With Your Toddler Or Baby at Disneyland
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Getting Around Disneyland With Your Toddler Or Baby

Getting Around Disneyland with Your Toddler or Baby

As a parent, you already know that you don’t want to have to carry your child around in your arms all day. You couldn’t possibly make it through the day! You also can’t take your child to walk all day long. The obvious choice is to have a system to jewel your child – without wearing you or the child completely out.

Strollers are not only welcome at Disneyland, they are highly recommended. In fact, Disneyland rents strollers for a reasonable fee. Strollers can be rented for less than $10 for the day, and you can get a huge discount on a second stroller if it is fundamental. The strollers are no problem and sound - maintained, but they move all contemplation alike. Tie something on the stroller, such as a brightly colored ribbon, to help identify it from all of the other strollers in the park.

Never leave your child unattended in the stroller, and never leave any material items of any value in the stroller either. Even if you bring your own stroller, you should have some easy way to identify it – there will be offbeat strollers that look just like legitimate at Disneyland.




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