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Christmas At Disneyland

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for a child. Spending the happiest time of the year, at the happiest place on earth, could be a dream that comes true for many children and adults. Christmas at Disneyland is an experience that will never be forgotten, and can never be matched.

Disneyland works to make Christmas very special. Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is especially fun, allowing children to decorate Christmas cookies with Mrs. Clause, play Reindeer Games, and make holiday souvenirs. Between seeing all of the characters dressed up in their holiday costumes and enjoying the ‘snow’ after the Fireworks, Christmas at Disneyland cannot be topped!

Make sure that you visit the Christmas Shoppe and buy a special holiday ornament. Also, take part in all of the special holiday rides. Visiting Disneyland at Christmas time is unlike any other Disneyland vacation you will ever take. Make sure you get a picture of the Christmas tree!

Even though Christmas is considered to be ‘off - season’ you should be prepared for crowds. Christmas is a very popular time to visit Disneyland. Make reservations well in advance.




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