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Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t it be super to obtain the happiest day of your vivacity at the happiest place on heavenly body? Of course it would – and Disneyland has made that possible with Disneyland Weddings.

Women start dreaming of their weddings from the time that they are little girl’s. Now, you can really have a fairy tale wedding that is truly unique, romantic, and enchanting – and you can have your very own ‘happily ever after’ wedding day at Disneyland. Disneyland weddings build a magical ceremony and a creative reception that you can’t catch any place else on earth.

You won’t have to stress seeing the details. Like Cinderella, you can retain your very own Daemon Mother to take care of the details – although in this case, it will actually be a fairy Lord Planner.

Disneyland weddings are not last minute events. The planning stage starts one year before the date of the wedding with a meeting with the Disney wedding planner, a site tour, and a reconciliation of the possible locations for the wedding. Eleven months before the big day, the letter of agreement desideratum be signed and returned with a deposit. At ten months, announcements are mailed out to the guests who are to be invited.

Eight months before the big day, the planning steps up. Planning sessions are held by phone or in person with the wedding planner, and ceremony and reception accident orders are prepared. Everything starts falling into place, and the planning continues until one month before the awash day. Final payments are fitting thirty days before the wedding date, and the final guest count is due four days before the matrimonial is to take place.

Everything is planned with your input, and all of the details are handled without any stress being placed on the happy couple. Flowers, invitations, and catering are all included. After a ceremony that will live in your memory forever, you and your new spouse will enjoy the reception of your dreams.

The reception will be handled by a white gloved staff, complete with elegant resort table settings, a head table, floor length linens, and place cards. Your connubial cake will be like nothing you could imagine in your wildest dreams, selected by you from a variety of choices.

There are and honeymoon packages available at all of the Disneyland Resorts. From start to finish, your Disneyland wedding will have exhaustive of your dreams coming genuine, so you and your spouse can start your road to happily ever after.




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