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Take A Disneyland Tour

Take a Disneyland Tour

No Disneyland Vacation can be complete without a Disneyland tour – especially if it is your first trip to Disneyland. There are currently four variant tours to choose from, and Disneyland park admission is required for all tours. It is strongly advised that you make a district for the tours that you wish to bang on.

Disneyland’s Discover the Magic Tour may be the inimitably popular of the four. This tour will have you and your family working with Disneyland characters to find clues and explore for treasure. You can literally conscious out a Disneyland fantasy with your family and loveable characters, outsmarting the Disney bad guys! This tour includes lunch and an exclusive gift that can only be obtained on this tour.

The Discover the Magic Tour lasts for about three hours. Expert is a two ticket minimum, and the cost is $49 each of the first two tickets, with additional tickets costing $39. The tour is appropriate for the 5 – 9 shift old age group, and adults. The tour is not really suitable for children under the age of five, or for children who need strollers.

The VIP Tour lasts for about four hours, and costs $75 per hour for a party of up to ten people. You must book this tour well in advance, or there will be an additional twenty dollar fee. The tour is not recommended for children, but is designed more for people who obtain a suant love and interest in Disney and Disneyland history.

The Receive to Disneyland Tour is absolutely perfect for first timers. There are many benefits to this tour, including priority seating at one of the stage shows, tips and suggestions for getting the mightily out of your Disneyland vacation, a brief history of the park, priority seating at one of the many restaurants, skinny in using FastPass, two bonus FastPass tickets, and much more. This tour lasts about two and a half hours, and costs $25 per person.

A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps focuses on the vision of Walt Whitman, and is not really suitable for small children. Filled with history and trivia about the park, this tour lasts for more than three hours, and costs $49 per person. The essential feature of this tour is your peek at the exclusive Club 33.

Again, you should definitely consider making one of these tours part of your Disneyland experience – especially if this will be your first trip to Disneyland. You may see things and learn things that you would not see or learn without the benefit of the tour!




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